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Founded in the year 2009 BigCommerce is an online e-commerce website provider with its headquarters based in United States of America, It also has several branches in the U.S and Australia. BigCommerce currently is the best e-commerce platform available today worldwide. BigCommerce looks after all the technical, analytical and development part so that one doesn’t have to spend much time doing all these stuffs.

BigCommerce is a hosted shopping cart software provider where the software is hosted on their server and the user gets direct access to the store’s control panel where he has can directly add the login details and the whole backend dashboard appears where all the required store details are there to analyze the required actions to boost the website engagement.


BigCommerce services simplifies all website information to the owner of the store such that he does not need to be a expert in either technically or analytically, Traditional e-commerce website software providers are very large in numbers in the market they too provide the e-commerce software with their expertise but with a lot more complexity these software providers make their product such that the software has to be continuously updated now and then  also they put a lot of restrictions like updates, technical issues coming now and then, Due to this difficulties the product owner is not able to concentrate his fullest ability to drive conversions and at times becomes hard to focus on the business.

The BigCommerce software is very user friendly to user all, things related to the store are arranged in such a simple manner that anyone with basic understanding of e-commerce industry functioning can understand the software.

Main thing of BigCommerce is that it understands the basic customer needs and they help the customer needs to build his business, Due to this BigCommerce is very customer friendly not only in terms of its product offering to customers but also in terms of its very well placed pricing which takes care of a e-commerce business starter to a well established owner of a e-commerce store BigCommerce has solutions for everyone. The main thing which drives working of BigCommerce is their core value which focuses fully on customer satisfaction be it anyone, They are always available for their customers round the clock to help them manage their stores online without any compromise.

BigCommerce provides 96 fully operational and beautiful templates which look good and are fully responsive and dynamic and which are very user friendly in its nature. BigCommerce has over 400 features which help build a perfect online store, Due to its multi functionality it incorporates the needed tools like social media promotion and marketing which help invite traffic to the website.


BigCommerce online store also offers owners to enable features like coupons, gift certificates, wish list, creating the account, login and adding address and payment details, adding products to the cart, supporting faster checkouts, adding quantity, adding reviews, adding email addresses, providing details regarding shipping and return policy, contact us details, website sitemap for easy navigation. BigCommerce has advanced features which look as perfect as it looks on desktops like the same in mobile devices, iPads, iPhones etc.  Because of this features the store owner doesn’t have to buy these features separately all this is included in the same package.

BigCommerce provides multiple currency support and worldwide shipping service integration which allows the store owner to sell their products and reach millions of people all over the world. BigCommerce has all the latest features to compete with big giants like Amazon, Ebay etc. some features like dashboard panels which provide adding new products, adding description about the product, create web pages, adding product photos, create coupons for redeem, process orders this kind of owner friendly features allows to quickly understand and take charge of the shopping cart software built by BigCommerce.

BigCommerce shopping cart software is built with such a great responsiveness and flexibility that you can do everything with its easy to do control panel features. Owner can easily design the store according to his choice using drag and drop to move panels around as these features will be very hard to find from market software providers.

BigCommerce even supports digital downloadable products so if an owner wants to sell e-book, software download or any other downloadable product BigCommerce supports it and makes it easy.  Marketing the online shopping cart product requires SEO (Search Engine Optimization) support which is provided by BigCommerce along with its product offering. BigCommerce was developed from the start keeping in mind the SEO prospect so it was developed, designed and optimized by the number 1 SEO expert in the world Aaron Wall. BigCommerce satisfies all the popular search engines criteria to optimize your online shopping cart software SEO through customized URLs, Meta tags, robots.txt and many more.

BigCommerce gives highest priority to security so all the transactions are PCI compliant and all the databases are highly protected with three layer security and firewalls so that online shopping cart is safe from hackers.

There are endless possibilities if you have a decent idea in your mind and are ready to implement the required work, BigCommerce is the best platform to start your online business. BigCommerce helps in all ways to establish your business online and to market your product to many users worldwide, you only have to put in the hard work required to expand the business presence all the backed related work is handled by BigCommerce, This gives the perfect time to owners to fully concentrate on product so that the conversions come and profit expands.

To setup an online store is very easy BigCommerce provides a 15 day free trial prior to purchase of its plan which gives a decent idea about the working of the online software which is initially designed to be very user friendly you just have to enter the details like email address, after giving email address it asks to name your store and then asks you to add password your first name, last name, phone number, size of the business then it asks you to provide URL if you already have, if you don’t have domain BigCommerce provides its subdomain for testing purpose, After adding all the details it will ask which kind of product are you selling select from the list of categories given that’s it your online store is ready you will be provided with dashboard and a link to your store.

BigCommerce dashboard gives a good understanding of all the features a online store should have, in the dashboard you can check orders, add products, view customer details, change or edit themes, add logo, add social media links, add footer scripts, add web pages, add blogs, edit email templates, add banners, add coupon codes, manage Google Adwords, check real time analytics, manage account settings and more.

Installation process of the BigCommerce online store takes such a less time which is very great as compared to other software providers which takes a lot of time and work to manage. The whole process in BigCommerce is very simple that people like and purchase from BigCommerce and use its brilliant features to start their business and grow in the market with confidence.

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