Top 10 Formal Shoe Brands in India



Top 10 Formal Shoe Brands in India

Making a good first impression on your coworkers at work starts with a stylish pair of formal shoes that match your attire. There is no disputing that finding the ideal pair of shoes may be challenging. This isn’t because there aren’t any options; rather, it’s because there are so many options available that it can be difficult to decide which to buy. 

The Oxford or traditional Derby shoe is your greatest option when it comes to this footwear but you only want to choose from the best formal shoe brands if you’re not sure which company creates the greatest formal shoes for guys, you’ve come to the perfect spot. For information about the top formal shoe brands in India and the benefits of choosing them, continue reading.



Fentacia is a well-reputed name in the best formal shoe companies in the Indian segment. They craft their shoes out of pure leather and have designers who craft them perfectly keeping both comfort and formal elegance in mind. Fentacia has repeatedly laddered up to one of the best formal shoe brands and rightfully so. 

Lee Cooper 

You have probably spotted Lee Cooper’s fancy jeans advertisements outside big malls and retail stores but here’s what you may not have known, Lee Cooper’s line of formal shoes also ranks among the best formal shoe brands in India. They manufacture formal shoes in genuine leather to textured fabrics and make sure to combine comfort and a unique statement in a true sense of meaning. 


It is obviously a no-brainer that Bata also resides among the top formal shoe brands in India and it has had that position for a long span of time. It is also likely to stay there. Bata is affordable and also comfortable. It has shoes for everyone and it saves you a hard pinch in the pocket. It is a go-to brand trusted by all Indians without ado and it has a fantabulous collection when it comes to men’s formal shoes. 

Red Tape 

RedTape screams superiority and it has claimed its vivid superiority among the best formal shoe brands in India too. RedTape falls on the pricier side of the formal shoe segment but if you are ready to spend a big buck, you will get the footwear of your elegant and chic dreams. 

Red Chief

Not to be confused with RedTape since this winner also sits comfortably in the list of top formal shoe brands in India. Red Chief is a contender of RedTape’s and honestly, it gets hard to choose between the two. Red Chief uses leather which is a delicacy to ones that love the comfort and would instead pour some good money than compromise about how foot ground feels like 

Hush Puppies

Hush Puppies is not just comfortable to the feet, but also brings an air of aesthetic elegance with it. Hush Puppies have come up with unique shades and textures to give you that edge to your formal fit and help you stand out. In case you were wondering, Hush Puppies is also voted one of the top formal shoe brands in India list. 


They say nothing matches Clark’s when you walk into that super-important business meeting. In fact, Clarks claimed a spot among the best formal shoe company only a short while after it first hit the shelves. You can tell that the makers deeply care about quality and they have a rather surprisingly wide range that you could browse from. 

Louise Phillipe

It is not possible that you haven’t heard of Louise Phillipe. It turns heads and it has since the dawn of its own existence. Louise Phillipe is a premier brand, rated among the best formal shoe brands in India. The quality is precisely unmatched and the company boldly dares you to find anything as good as itself wherever you go. 


Close to the top of the best formal shoe brands in India list lives Woodland, an exotic collection of formal shoes with effortless style and comfort. They break the stereotype that formal shoes are basic. Woodland shoes are as elegant as formal shoes can get and they make a silent statement without even having to nearly go over the top. 


Last but not the least, neither here nor in the list of best formal shoe brands in India. Symbol gets you a boost of confidence with their wide and wonderful range of formal shoes that gives you all the comfort you wish for without even burning a big hole in your pocket. Symbol shoes have made great options available even on a budget. 

That completes the list of the top 10 formal shoe brands in India. We have curated this list with only the best, keeping in mind consumer trust over the years and reviews online. So shop fearlessly and you are sure to find one that matches your choices and gives you that shot of confidence that you need. 

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